Globalisation, population growth, scarcity of resources, climate change, wealth distribution: the central questions facing humanity today call for bold, innovative responses and ideas – including, and indeed especially, from the business community!

Our economic and social policy vision

Our economic system supports modern, innovative entrepreneurship. To this end there are generally applicable rules governing the market and the workplace and a level playing field for all market participants.

Economic prosperity, as the ultimate goal of entrepreneurial activity, is pursued within a framework of sociopolitical and environmental responsibility. Companies and business people practise corporate social and societal responsibility and use scarce resources carefully. Self-employed people and business owners thrive in a working environment characterised by autonomy, free agency, self-determination, solidarity, ethical practice and creativity.

The Economic Chamber has become a modern, efficient, transparent and democratic organisation representing the interests of the entire business community. An effective and efficient system of public welfare and a modern state education system that promotes individual strengths and talents are essential pillars of the Austrian state. Austria is a liberal, open society.

We are Austria’s Green business owners and self-employed individuals.

Grüne Wirtschaft is the organisation for Green business owners and self-employed people in Austria – powered by creativity and acumen, imagination and the drive to innovate.

We see our economic activities in the global as well as the local context and conduct our business ethically, acting responsibly towards the environment and society at large. Environmental sustainability, ethical practice, self-determination, non-violence, feminism and diversity are the fundamental policy principles of Grüne Wirtschaft and guide the business activities of our enterprises.

We are committed to the market economy, competition and profitable business operations, within the wider framework of sustainable development. Grüne Wirtschaft is part of the Green movement. At the same time, it is also open to business owners and self-employed individuals outside the traditional spectrum of party politics.

Grüne Wirtschaft is the only opposition fraction within the Economic Chamber and the only policy alternative to the conservative ÖVP-affiliated Wirtschaftsbund.

We help shape policy and make our voice heard.

We act as an innovative, forward-looking fraction within the Economic Chamber, with a particular focus on promoting the interests of sole traders and micro-enterprises.

We campaign actively to make our voice heard in the economic policy debate and set out specific and practical alternative policy proposals, thus playing an effective role in shaping the economic and business environment in Austria.

We offer our members a wide range of channels and forums for networking and exchange, providing them with multiple opportunities to get involved in our political work, undertake further training and do business with one another.