We are Grüne Wirtschaft!

The organisation for Green business owners and self-employed people in Austria.

We represent the interests of sole traders and micro-enterprises and play an active role as the Green fraction in the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber.

We are guided by Green values and rooted in the Green movement – we are not part of the Austrian Green Party, however, but are a legally independent affiliated organisation.

Grüne Wirtschaft is structured as follows:

1. National Association

Grüne Wirtschaft is an association under private law with a uniform legal personality throughout the federal territory.

2. Regional Groups

Legally speaking, our nine regional groups are not stand-alone sections of the national association, though they are largely autonomous in their political work.

3. General Assembly

The highest statutory body of Grüne Wirtschaft is the General Assembly. The regional groups are represented in the General Assembly by a total of 100 delegates, the respective numbers corresponding to the size of the federal regions. The Executive Committee also forms part of the General Assembly.

4. Regional Assemblies

The nine Regional Assemblies are the grassroots bodies representing the association’s members at regional level.

Organigramm der Grünen Wirtschaft
Grüne Wirtschaft organisational chart

5. Executive Committee

The Executive Committee and the Managing Director are responsible for the operational management of the association.

6. Regional Boards

The Regional Boards are responsible for the operational management of the regional groups.

7. Ethics Council

The Ethics Council upholds our code of values. It can be called upon as and when needed to verify ballots and resolutions or to provide voluntary mediation services in the event of dispute.

8. Audit Committee

The Audit Committee ensures compliance with the statutes, monitors implementation of the resolutions adopted by the governing bodies, implements the budget and ensures proper and economical use of funds.